Self-consumption solar package:
the satisfaction reaches its peak when it’s homemade

What is a photovoltaic panel ?

These panels consist of photovoltaic cells produced from a semiconductor material, called silicon. The electrons of silicon react in a special way facing the solar radiation.

In fact, when the photons which consist of the solar radiation, hit the photovoltaic cells, these electrons will start moving. This movement creates an electrical ongoing power which is then converted to an alternative power. Electricity is created and can be injected to the network or used to supply your electrical devices.

Electrical self-consumption : how does it work ?

You produce your own electricity to consume it on the spot. Eida takes care of the placement of the required photovoltaic installation and of all further administrative steps.
However, it can be difficult to use the entire production in real-time for the habitation.

In fact you have to know that the photovoltaic energy cannot be called linear, which means that this energy is not available during the whole day and cannot be produced on request.

If the weather conditions are unfavourable, your installation will not work on maximum. However, it’s when you come home that you need electricity the most. So the periods of production and consumption can be totally different.

Thus, you need to know that there exist different types of electrical self-consumption. On one side you can choose the complete self-consumption but it might be necessary that you provide yourself with a battery. On the other side, you can use a part of your production for consumption and sell the rest to Eida.

The following pattern represents the mechanism of self-consumption. The curves represent basically the energetic production from the renewable source as well as the electrical consumption of a household. As you can see, the needs in the morning and in the evening might not be accomplished by the production of the photovoltaic panels. However, a part of the consumption is accomplished. So the difference between the production and the consumption has to be sold or stored in a battery to be "moved" to the morning or the evening.


What is the solar self-consumption package suggested by Eida ?

The idea is to produce and consume a part of the electricity that you need in your household on site, thanks to the installation of the solar photovoltaic panels.
Eida performs for you the execution, the sizing and the installation of this solar production centre on your roof and takes care of all the needed steps and the financing.

You pay nothing at all !*

You continue to buy your electrical energy, the same way and with the price you are used to have, the only difference is, that a part of the energy is used from the solar installation and the missing energy is used from the network.
After +/- 10 years of use, the installation is amortised, you can take free benefit of the electrical energy which comes from the panels.

You reduce immediately the energetic invoice and compensate the future price increase !

No need to get 100% of the electricity from the network, you produce and consume your own electricity !

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Our advisor would be happy to explain all details to you, for this new way to produce an consume your energy !

*according to the preliminary study