Charging points for electric cars

Eida offers you charging points for electric cars suitable to your electric vehicle and to your electric installation.

The Ecotap charging points provide a smart, safe and convenient electrical charging. They are weatherproof and compatible with all electric car brands and provide the best quality-price connection.
Capable of charging up to 22 kW, these charging points are the best choice to charge your car quickly and safely.

Benefits of these charging points :

  • Up to 8 times faster than a standard wall outlet
  • Suitable for current and future cars
  • Certified safety
  • Connected online – possible to view the charges at any time (Model Type: Pole Dual)
  • Smart charging
  • Compatible with Chargy - possible to use your Chargy card for this charging point (Model Type: Pole Dual)

Features : we have all types of charging points that will match your requests for home, professional or for networking use :

  • Ecotap Homebox : Easy to use charging point on the wall with one electrical outlet from 3,5kW to 22kW
  • Ecotap Pole Dual : Standing smart charging point with 2 electrical outlets from 3,5kW to 22kW


According to your electric connection and the configuration of your charging point, you can get the following powers :

  • 1 Phase 16 A in 230V : 3.6 kW
  • 3 Phases 16 A in 400V : 11 kW
  • 1 Phase 32 A in 230 V : 7.2 kW
  • 3 Phases 32 A in 400 V : 22 kW

To connect your car to the station : the cable
That is why we can also provide all cables that exist on the market to connect and charge at best your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.

  • Type 1 to Type 2
  • Type 2 to Type 2 in 16A or 32A
  • Adapter for standard power outlet
  • Etc...

Further information is available on the internet site of the manufacturer

To get all the references, prices or make an order, please contact us :

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Our expert will be pleased to guide you and help you to choose the most suitable charging point according to your needs.